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Photo of a camera on a bed of hearts

Valentines Day photography ideas

Valentines Day is a wonderful occasion for couples to express their passion and love for one an...

4 min read
Photo of a cameraman shooting with a medium format camera

Benefits of hiring a professional photographer

It is believed that a picture speaks a thousand words. This may also relate to...

4 min read
Photo of a model posing

How anyone can pose like a model

Posing like a model can be intimidating, especially for those who are new to the world...

2 min read
Photo of a woman shooting with a DSLR camera

10 reasons why you need a professional photo session

Some people may find a professional photo shoot fascinating or even intimidating, especially if...

4 min read
Photo of a woman modelling for a fashion shoot

Fashion photography do's and dont's

Fashion photography is widely recognized as a desirable and well-paying profession that necessit...

4 min read
Photo of a woman modelling for a fashion shoot

Different types of fashion photography

Fashion photography encompasses a wide range of projects including runway shoots, catalogs,...

4 min read
Photo of a woman posing between plants

How to get into the world of fashion photography

Does fashion photography excite you much? You're at the right place. Fashion and beauty are the...

3 min read
Photo of a living room

How to stage your home for an interior shoot

If you're an interior designer, you know that appearance is everything when it comes to marketi...

3 min read
Photo of a Coca Cola can on a red background

Building your brand on social media

People today are highly visual. When was the last time you read the fine print below an ad? In order to...

3 min read
Photo of an office space

BTS - What goes on behind the scenes of a Pyx interior shoot?

This week, we are taking you behind the scenes of an interior photoshoot at Pyx. Our commitment....

6 min read
Photo of a living room with a beige sofa

Why professional photography should matter to interior designers

Making a great first impression is a one-time opportunity. For interior designers, this usually co...

3 min read
Photo of a colorful living room

Taking stunning interior photos

"It's all in the details". Pyx interior design photographer, Manish Saxena shares his insider tips o...

5 min read
Black and white photo of a chair

The beauty of monochromatic pictures

The beauty of monochrome pictures. Read our article on tips to get your best monochrome shots.

4 min read
Photo of a man in front of a neon sign

Shooting night portraits

How to shoot night portraits. Night-time photography may be a niche you've been thinking of exploring...

5 min read
Photo of a bowl of multicoloured macaroons

Flat lay photography: a how-to guide

You've probably seen flat-lay photography all over your social media feeds. The concept of flat l...

6 min read
Black and white photo of a young woman walking

Working with shadows in your photography

We photographers pay a great deal of attention to light, and for good reason. In photography, l...

4 min read
Photo of a white Porsche 911

Take your car photography into top gear

Are you an amateur or hobbyist auto photographer? Check out our professional's suggestions on how you can take awesome car photos.

6 min read
Photo of a modern, minimalist Indian home

Designing a minimalist home that you'll love

Interested in the latest interior design trends in India? See what our photographers found out.

6 min read

A guide to basic photography terms

We thought it might be a good time to brush up on our photography basics. Check out photography lingo basics if you are looking to become a photo professional

6 min read

A beginners guide to photographing people

No matter what type of photography you prefer or specialize in, at some point you will have to photograph another person. If you're a professional photographer...

6 min read

Tips to create drool-worthy drink photography

Having a hard time clicking drinks and beverages? Do not worry, you are not alone. Check our top tips for taking drool-worthy drink photographs.

6 min read

Top 7 video advertising trends of 2022

Video ads are becoming the de-facto norm for digital marketers. Check out the top video ad trends and how we can help you get your next set of customers.

6 min read

Getting started as a product photographer at home

Product photography does not have to be expensive or require a studio. Take a look at our tips on how to be successful home-based product photographer.

6 min read

Optimize your images for Google Shopping

Check out these tips on how to move up Google rankings with your product photos.

6 min read

Top 10 tips to prepare for your next client photoshoot

Preparing for a client photoshoot is like playing a game of chess - you need to...

6 min read

The biggest challenges to eCommerce in 2022

Getting started as an eCommerce entrepreneur or have an existing eCommerce business that you want to scale? Check out what you need to look for...hint: awesome photos make a big difference to sales conversion

6 min read