BTS - What goes on behind the scenes of a Pyx interior shoot?

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Photo of an office interior

This week, we're taking you behind the scenes of an interior photoshoot at Pyx. Our commitment to delivering a high-quality shoot begins before the photographer arrives on site and continues even after the delivery of the photos. Before we begin, let me put before you three of our core principles:

  • Focus on the customer’s needs and do them well
  • Be fair to photographers, all the time
  • Execution is the entire process, not a step within

All that we do is guided by these three principles, ensuring that we stand by our stakeholders and partners. Let's look at all that's involved in getting you that stunning home or office photo.

Pre-shoot prep

An interior shoot's success depends heavily on how well we understand the architect/designer's vision for the space. We meet with them (as many times as necessary) to be sure that we are both aligned on the shoot's vision and the specific shots required.

Understand their vision

For each shoot, we create a vision statement that describes what the architect/ designer intends to achieve. By doing this, we ensure that not only the architect/designer and us but also the assigned photographer will have a clear understanding of the shoot.

Understand the space

Pyx project managers study the space in detail, looking at the layout, floor plans, direction orientation, windows, prop placement, etc., to create shots together with the architect/ designer. This is so that the photographer has a clear idea in advance of what angles to shoot.

Photo of a Pyx photo mood board

Unique perspectives and shots

Architects and designers know their spaces well, and we rely on them for specific perspectives/shots they would like us to capture. Some shots require a certain time - for example, capturing city nightscapes at dusk or capturing a sunrise through a window. Whenever possible, we bookmark such requirements in advance so that our photographers can be scheduled accordingly.


In addition, our project managers work to ensure we have a clear understanding of the timeline for completing the project and when it needs to be shot before handover. As a result, our photographers are booked early and we can plan for the shoot well in advance.

Preparing the mood board

The Pyx creative team creates photo mood boards once we have all the information from the architect/ designer. This will give our thought process a visual outcome. The client receives this output in the form of a shoot guide that we prepare for every shoot.

Reference images

Pyx creatives search through public and Pyx datasets to select reference images that meet the architect's/ designer's vision for the shoot. For each shoot, we select 8-10 images that convey a variety of moods (formal, informal, creative, light, moody, etc.). This is to further fine-tune the design specification we received initially and ensure we are completely aligned on the final photos' appearance.

Designed images

Following the architect's/ designer's feedback, we'll design the final images, refine the reference images, and lock in the desired outcome. It is ready for the client's final approval.

Photo of a Pyx props slide

Props and suggestions

Depending on the outcome, our creative team creates a list of props and design elements. This list is shared with the architect/designer before the shoot so they can procure and stage the space. If required, we can also ask our photographer to carry small props to the shoot location (although this is the less preferred option).

Sharing the shoot guide

The final step is to share the finalized shoot guide with the architect/ designer, and the client.

Architect/ Designer review

This is the last step before selecting a photographer and scheduling the shoot. Consequently, this is an important milestone since it marks the beginning of the actual shoot.

Review the shoot guide

A final review of the shoot guide is conducted with the architect/designer.

Iterate and include feedback

In case of further input from the architect/designer, we iterate on the shoot guide and resend it for approval. It may be necessary to repeat this step multiple times until all stakeholders are on the same page.

Align on shoot requirements

It is a formal acknowledgment that the design process has been completed and we have agreed on the number of photos/ shoot packages needed.

Pricing and deliverables

As part of a Pyx project contract, the team shares package details as well as pricing that needs to be paid in full before the shoot can proceed. We have a completely transparent pricing strategy, and clients can book directly through our website at

Payment processing and escrow

Once the payment is received, it is held in escrow till the shoot is completed and the client receives the photos. All photographer payments are processed twice a month (on the 1st and 15th).

Photographer selection

This is where we match the most suitable photographer to the client’s needs and get them booked for the shoot.

Photo of a code screen

Automated process

Our photographer matching process is fully automated. The most suitable photographer for each shoot is matched by our algorithm based on multiple variables like location proximity, photographer review scores, shoot type specialty, and other proprietary factors.

Manual confirmation

Once the photographer is identified, we have a manual confirmation process. As part of this process, a customer support agent contacts the photographer to confirm their availability. In case the assigned photographer declines, the next most suited photographer is contacted, and so on.

Photo of slide with shot list and client responsibilities mentioned

Pre-shoot photographer review

Two days before the shoot, our project team contacts the assigned photographer to discuss the shoot guide. This includes reviewing the property layout, the desired shot list, the camera equipment needed, props, settings, etc. This is in addition to the overall look and feel the client wants for the shoot. Photographers are given creative freedom to photograph the space provided the necessary shots are captured at a Pyx quality level.

Pre-shoot client requisites

Moreover, the project team contacts the client/ architect/ designer two days before the shoot. This is to make sure that all the necessary steps, such as cleaning and staging, have been taken.

The actual shoot

These are the steps that happen on the day of the shoot.

Photographer coordination

Our project team will coordinate details like timely arrival on site, direction to locations, provisioning of the site contact, etc with the photographer. This will ensure there are no delays or unexpected issues on the day of the shoot. Our requirement is for the photographer to arrive at the shoot location at least 30 minutes before the shoot to meet any onsite formalities (like access provisioning etc.)

Client/ Contact coordination

The project team coordinates with the client/ on-site contact to ensure cleaning/ staging has been completed and ensure any formalities required for the photographer to enter the property are completed on time.

Post shoot

Once the shoot has been completed, the following steps are completed to ensure that the final photos meet our quality standards and are delivered matching the client’s expectations.

RAW file/ photo delivery

Photographers upload the RAW files from their shoots directly to Pyx for editing and delivery to the client. In certain cases, if the photographer prefers to retain creative ownership they can edit the files and upload the final JPGs to us.

Photo of an editor at work using Lightroom

Editing and post-processing

Our in-house automation does the initial editing for all RAW files based on the inputs received from the architect/ designer for the shoot. We also have an in-house editing team for any custom requirements or heavy editing jobs.

Quality check

Every photo we shoot passes through a stringent automated and manual quality check process before being marked as delivery-ready.

Photo delivery

Photos are delivered automatically to the client via email link and are available for them to download in perpetuity (in case their files get corrupted/lost etc).

Automated photographer payments

Photographers get paid automatically via bank account transfers once the project has been closed (photos are delivered). Photographer payments are processed on the first and fifteenth of each month.

Client feedback survey

Following the shoot, each client receives a survey link to rank their experience on a scale of one to five. This feedback survey covers aspects of their engagement with our project team, photographers, technical skills, photo quality, and overall experience.

Photographer feedback survey

Similar to the client feedback survey, the photographer also receives a survey link to rate their experience with the project team and the client.

Photographer and customer profile update

Both photographer and client profiles are updated following survey feedback. Photographers with higher average scores are more likely to get jobs, while clients with consistently high scores get preferential treatment and special offers.

As you can see, this detailed process is the reason why we can assure you of superior results for your interior photoshoots…even if the planning takes a bit longer than otherwise. As Benjamin Franklin said – “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”.

For your next home or office interior shoot, contact us at Pyx Photography.