Why professional photography should matter to interior designers

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Photo of a living room with a brown couch and tall green plants

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Making a great first impression is a one-time opportunity. For interior designers, this usually comes down to eye-catching photos. Give it a thought. How do your clients mostly find you? In most cases, it won't be in person unless they come through a referral. Most people learn about your designs through your website, social media profiles, and printed materials.

What do you want your potential customers to take away from these photos? Your business depends on the quality of these photos. A well-lit, well-framed visual portfolio demonstrates your attention to detail, that you value your work, and that showcases the quality of your brand. Likewise, substandard photography can reflect poorly on your business.

Photo of a console table with a large round mirror on the wall and tall green plants

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Visuals play a major role in interior design, and trust with clients is formed through both visuals and relationships. To wow potential customers at every touchpoint, your marketing and messaging must be consistent across all mediums. It doesn't matter how talented you are as a designer if your work doesn't translate well through photos.

Key considerations for top photography

Art and skill go together in photography. Even if your team is in-house, you may find it useful to work with a professional photography firm. You can't overestimate the value of having skilled photographers who understand your design aesthetic and can translate it into captivating imagery. Engaging such firms is an investment that will pay dividends for years to come.

Unconvinced? Take a moment to consider how these three aspects of photography affect your visual portfolio and brand.


Photo of a dining with a large table, six chairs and a large, green plant

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How do you want to be remembered as a designer? Your brand distinguishes you from your competition and helps you increase your customer base. This is the secret sauce no one can replicate. Once you know what your brand is, it’s important to communicate it consistently. Brand consistency is key to building brand awareness and building customer trust.

Photographs are one way to tell your brand's story. As a designer, are you more formal or fun-loving? With the right photographer, every shot will capture the essence of your designs. This way, you will be able to clearly communicate with potential customers what they can expect when working with you. A consistent portfolio will also make you appear more professional in the industry as a whole.


Photo of a living room with a couch, large window and plants

Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

Creating high-end images requires specialized knowledge of interior photography. Similarly to any other profession, there are different levels of mastery.

It's a simple fact that if the images aren't good enough, a million-dollar design will look no better than an amateur effort. Professional photographers with interior photography experience will have the technical knowledge, creativity, and equipment to make sure your designs are visually effective. Photographers take into account lighting, composition, staging, and other factors when taking pictures of your designs.


Photo of a dining room with a large marble table amd chairs

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The post-production process is one of the most important aspects of photography, yet it is often overlooked. An expert photographer will be able to correct imperfections in the original photos and edit them to perfection. Remember, however, that better photos at the time of the shoot will lead to better results. Grainy or out-of-focus photos are hard to correct even by the most skilled photo editor.

Using Photoshop or Lightroom, photographers can edit images after the fact to correct lighting, contrast, highlights, shadows, and cropping. The result will be a beautiful image that showcases your work to its full potential.

It’s time to benefit from your efforts

Photo of an industrial office space with large windows and a large table in the middle

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You have already put in the time and effort to design beautiful spaces. Don't let the effort go to waste by not marketing yourself effectively. This should be the most fun part. It's time to show off your work!

Creating a successful brand requires impeccable photography. Combining it with excellent customer service and impeccable design can be a distinguishing factor to separate you from the rest. Having a collection of photos that portray who you are as a designer will help you attract the clients you want.

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